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Welcome to the Worship College Website!

............Pastor Shamblin Stone............

YOU are important to God! He created you for the primary purpose of praising Him. Here's what God said about you and me."This people have I formed for Myself. They shall show forth my praise!" Isaiah 43:21


There is no higher calling than to worship and praise our Creator God! Yet, God has not left it up to us to decide how to worship Him. He has given us His "Worship Instruction Manual," The Bible.


Our goals are first to help you become the worshiper God created you to be, and second to help your church experience the best wrship it can have.


Founding Director of the Worship College

A Train Runs on Two Tracks

We believe worshipers and worship leaders also require two tracks of training as well - the Spiritual/Biblical and the Practical.

Here is a list of the courses we offer.

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Biblical Studies Track

1.    Biblical Worship

2.    Portrait of a Worshiper

3.    The Importance of Worshiping Together

4.    Leading Worship

5.    Biblical Worship Teams

Practical Studies Track

1.    Beginner's Guitar

2.    Fundamentals of Singing

3.    Fundamentals of Music and Piano

4.    Songwriting for Worship

5.    Drama Ministry in Worship

6.    Conducting Music

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