…has there been a book which answers the age-old question of why man exists from God’s perspective, not man’s.  Portrait of a Worshiper clearly outlines God’s reasons for creating mankind, and shows us the way we were created facilitates our ability to accomplish that task.

Westbow Press




Portrait of a Worshiper is “a passionate faith account” “written in a warm, conversational style.”  It “will speak directly to the author’s fellow Christians.”  “‘All creation,’ Stone (Biblical Worship, 2012) insists, ‘exists only to glorify God and, therefore, bring Him pleasure.’”  The book is “highly readable.”  “Stone uses copious scriptural quotations and charts to outline the details” of his revelations about worship.

Kirkus Reviews




Portrait of a Worshiper is a good description of a worshiper.  Shamblin Stone is very detailed in describing what a worshiper is and does. Not all Christians are true spiritual worshipers.  Thank you for writing this book my friend.

LaMar Boschman




Portrait of a Worshiper is the Best book ever!!  Give it a read!!  Amazing book! Very well written, packed with interesting details, I would recommend it 110%!!!

Anna Skagen




Shamblin’s book on worship, Portrait of a Worshiper, is refreshing and uplifting. He helps us to understand the tri-une God and how we are made in his image to worship Him. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching on how to worship the Lord in a deeper way.

Bill English




Portrait of a Worshiper has opened spiritual doors for me and helped me to learn who I am in Christ!!!

Judy Ervin




Portrait of a Worshiper is a very encouraging, confirming, educational and astute look at people and Biblical worship. It is based on many years of teaching and observing people. Every believer should have this book in their collection. You will be blessed.

Rev. Pam Darling




We received an endorsement letter from our In-house Reviewers and Book Scouts about your book.  After the evaluation, your book “Portrait of a Worshiper” was rated 8.63 out of 10 being the highest and 5.5 is the average.

URLink Publishing




"Portrait of a Worshipper" is not just another book on the subject of worship; it is a lifelong passion borne out of a life immersed in a love for biblical truth and a desire for the presence of God. Knowing and having had Shamblin as part of our ministry team for several years, we saw firsthand his dedication to a life of worship and leading others into realms beyond the natural, into the supernatural, based on the sure foundation of the written word of God.  I believe this book is an outstanding textbook for biblical studies on this subject but also a book that will inspire a reader to experience the lifelong passion of the author.

Dr Timothy Allan Osiowy

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My publisher, Westbow Press, tells me that a positive customer review is invaluable.  Above are some of the comments other people have said about my book Portrait of a Worshiper  I am asking you to write a review for my book!  If you do not have a physical copy of my book yet, click on this .pdf version to read the book.  Once you have written your review, go to the above listed web pages, and post your review on each one.  If for some reason you are unsuccessful at posting your review to those web pages, send it to me by email and I will post it here.  My email address is stoneshamblin@sbcglobal.net.

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How God designed and created us to fulfill our purpose
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