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Conference Teachers

Ernest Weaver is a published author of several books who specializes in Biblical hermeneutics.  He has taught the Bible in many countries all over the world, including the Ukraine.  He is also an acomplished worship pianist, singer, and song writer.

Shamblin Stone is the founding director of The Worship College.  He is the author of the Worship Text Book Series.  He has been teaching  at Worship conferences and seminars since the 1980's all over Canada and the U.S.  He also has been the Director of Music and Worship at four different Bible Colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

Please print this poster out several times, and post them around your church!

Conferernce Schedule

Registration Form

Conference Registration Form
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Conference Registration Form
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Registration Instructions

Using the MS Word file

Step #1 - Download and save the file to your computer.

Step #2 - Open the file, and fill it out using your device, after setting the font size to 12 pts in the fields where you answer.

Step #3 - Save the completed form to your device.

Step #4 - Attach it to an email and send it to withe the word Registration in the Subject line.

Step #5 - Pay the Registration Fee using the "Pay Now" button above.

Using the .pdf file

Step 1 - Download and open the file, and print it out.

Step 2 -  Fill out the form by hand using a blue or black pen.

Step 3 - Write a check for your Registration Fee made out to Shamblin Stone.  Write Worship Conference in the memo line.

Step 4 - Mail both these items to:

     The Worship College

     1616 W. 33rd St. N.

     Wichita, KS  67204

PLEASE NOTE:  All mail must be received NO LATER THAN June 5th to count for the pre conference amount.