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List of Biblical Courses

Course name Course Number Number of Credits
Biblical Worship B101 6
Portrait of a Worshiper B102 8
Worshiping Together B201 6
Leading Worship B210 8

Biblical Worship (B101) : 6 Credits


God has always had a way He wants to be worshiped, and He has revealed that to us in His Word. This course defines Biblical Worship, and reveals God's heart to us about worship.

Portrait of a Worshiper (B102) ; 8 Credits


This course helps you understand the Biblical principles of Individual worship, answering such questions as Why we worship, Who we worship, and How we worship. Before anyone can function Biblically in Corporate Worship, they must understand and function individually as a worshiper according to the Biblical picture of who a worshiper is. We must never forget that Corporate Worship in its simplest form is a group of Individual Worshipers. Therefore, we must become Individual Worshipers before we can become Corporate Worshipers!

Worshiping Together (B201) : 6 Credits


This course helps distinguish Biblical differences between Individual Worship and Corporate Worship. The different dynamics of these two are explored. It explains Biblically why Prayer is to Individual Worship what Music is to Corporate Worship. Other topics examined include hindrances to worship, and how to deal with them, and the spiritual results of corporate worship.

Leading Worship (BP210) : 8 Credits


Since corporate activity in the Body of Christ always requires leadership, this course equips students Biblically and practically to lead worship, in both primary and secondary worship leadership rolls. We examine the importance of character development within musicians, and the unique struggles musicians face in functioning as a servant, not a star. Many of the Biblical worship leaders are studied, as well as the Biblical patterns for worship. The practical aspects of leading worship are also examined, from planning a worship service to executing a worship experience. Students are expected to put these principles and skills into practice by leading a worship service. On line students must video a worship service which they lead as the final project of this course.

List of Practical Courses

Course name Course Number Number of Credits
Beginners Guitar A131 2
Fundamentals of Singing A141 2
Drama Ministry in Worship P101 2
Song Writing for Worship P221 2
Music Fundamentals & Piano PA241 4
The Worship Team BPA271 4
Conducting Music P320 3

Beginner’s Guitar (A131) : 2 Credits


A guitar is the most portable of all the harmony based musical instruments which can be adapted to any setting of worship. This course introduces the fundamentals of playing guitar in the accompanimental style, which is most adaptable for accompanying worship, especially in small group settings. An acoustic guitar is required for this course. The final project for this course is to lead a group in one worship song while playing the guitar as the only musical instrument. On-line students will video this event for their grade.

Fundamentals of Singing (A141) ; 2 Credits


This course examines the foundational techniques of phonation, or the producing of sound with the human voice, whether singing or speaking. It is based on the proven premise that EVERY person can sing! Over the span of his career, Pastor Shamblin has developed the academic theory that anyone can learn to match pitches, and therefore sing. This theory has been substantiated multiple times. This course is separated into two sections: Singing with intonation, and singing with quality. It introduces the fundamental vocal techniques which every worshiper should know. The final project of this course is to apply these vocal techniques by singing a solo in one of your local church services. A sound track will be required for this. On-line students will video or audio record their song for a grade.

Drama Ministry in Worship (P161) ; 2 Credits


Good drama is simply telling a story well. In the Gospels, we see Jesus as a master story teller, or dramatist, resulting in worship being incited in Jesus’ followers. This course teaches professional quality drama skills for use on a stage. The final project of the course is to perform a published-quality Christian script of approximately five minutes or more in a church serviced. On-line students will video this for their grade.

Song Writing for Worship (P221) ; 2 Credits


Psalms 40:3 tells us that God "has put a new song in my mouth". That does not mean only the elite, most skilled worshipers. It means every one of us has received songs from God! He gives them to us to sing back to Him. This course will help you understand how a song is crafted using the components of creative melody, strong lyrics, song form and structure, representative harmony, and marrying the style with the message. This course will equip you to retain and share the many new songs God puts in you on a daily basis. The final project of this course is to write and record a worship song. There will be extra costs for the producing of a sound track for your song.

Music Fundamentals and Beginner’s Piano (PA241) ; 4 Credits


It is imperative for anyone functioning as a Primary or Secondary Worship Leader to know the basics of music, and the piano keyboard. This course establishes the minimum level of musical knowledge and skill necessary for everyone involved in worship ministry in their local church. A piano or musical keyboard is required for this course. Students attending the Worship College seeking to graduate who already play the piano will be expected to pass the same piano proficiency playing and written tests that all students take.

The Worship Team (BPA271) ; 4 Credits


This course first establishes the Biblical basis for the worship team, then it proceeds to examine every component possible in today's diversely structured worship teams. Here is the list of worship team components covered in this course: the worship choir, the worship orchestra, the rhythm section, the appointed singers (on mics), the vocal worship leader, the music conductor, the movement ministries such as dance, flags, banners, etc., the AV technicians, the projectionists, the music librarian, the Pastors and Elders, and sometimes the ushers. Vocally we teach you how to sing harmonies by ear and by note. Instrumentally we discuss the dynamics of playing in ensemble, and transposing your worship music for your instrument. Students are encouraged to ask questions which will address worship team issues they are experiencing in their own local churches, so all may learn from their situation.

Conducting Music (P320) ; 3 Credits


With today's large music ensembles being part of the leadership teams for worship, it becomes increasingly more important for primary worship leaders to have music directing skills. This course equips you to direct choirs, orchestras, and rhythm sections using the universally accepted musical beat patterns, and conducting skills. The final project of the course is to direct a choir-using all the techniques taught in this course. On-line students will video this for their grade.