Biblical Worship (B101) : 6 Credits

God has always had a way He wants to be worshiped. He has outlined that way for us in His written revelation – the Bible. In it He has commanded us to worship Him with our entire being, holding nothing back. According to Jesus, this is the first and greatest commandment.

The reasons God has given us for obeying His commands to worship Him are: because of who He is, and because of what He does.

Worship is the Biblically declared reason for mankind’s existence. However, how and when we worship is just as important as the fact that we do worship. Also, what God means when He uses the Biblical synonyms of the word “worship” is important to understand when we are trying to obtain a more complete picture of how God wants us to worship Him.

“Biblical Worship” is a book for every Christian, regardless of their preferred worship style or worship traditions. The fresh, new insights contained within its pages about what type of worship God desires from us all, have the potential to shock you at times. At the very least, this book will cause you to never view worship the same way again.

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Preface: My Call to Teach Worship................................. 1


Chapter One: What Is God Doing in the Earth Today?. 7

Jesus Christ Is the Central Figure of History

Jesus Christ Is the Creator of All that Exists

History Is “His-Story”

Arise, Shine

To Whom Is Isaiah Writing These Five Chapters

Righteousness and Praise

Why Both Righteousness and Praise?

The End-Time Contrast

How Will God Establish Righteousness and Praise

A Crown of Glory


Chapter Two: God’s Response to Non-Biblical Worship.29

Christian/Biblical Worship Is

God Has Always Had a Way He Wants to Be Worshiped

Worship Is the Expression of Our Hearts

Christian Worship Is Based on Love

Worship and Blood Sacrifices

The Story of Cain

Self-Willed Worship vs. Biblical Worship

The “Way” of Cain

The Three Deadly Sins of the Last Days According to Jude

These Sins in the Church Today.



Chapter Three: Biblical Synonyms for Worship...........   41

Worship Is a General Term with Many Synonyms

The Difference between Synonyms and Expressions

Some Biblical Synonyms for Worship


Chapter Four: Defining Biblical Worship.........................45

Why Learn Definitions

Important Information for This Chapter

Greek Words


     Other Greek Words

Hebrew Words


     Other Hebrew Words


Chapter Five: Intimate, Passionate Worship.................... 65

God Desires an Intimate Relationship with Mankind

Biblical Relationships between God and Man

Jesus Creates Every Person Out of Love

The Father/Child Relationship

Relationships Are to Progress and Develop

Progression into a Marriage Relationship with God

The Marriage Act and the Worship Act

Passionate Worshipers Are Passionately Obedient

The Results of Non-Passionate Obedience

A Word of Balance


Chapter Six: The Presence of God.................................... 79

Psalm 100—An Exposé of Biblical Worship

Worship Springs from a Thankful Attitude

God’s Goal for Us Is that We Would Know Him

How to Know God

Practicing the Presence of God

The Desire for God

Isaiah’s Revelation of God

The Worship Cycle

Let’s Review—Worship Is

Two Philosophies of Worship


Chapter Seven: Rejoice Always—A Study of When to Worship. 99

Rejoice_ Is a Synonym for Worship

Worship Is Easy When Life Is Good

Why Do We Suffer

Job’s Struggles

Habakkuk’s Struggles

Habakkuk’s Resolve

What Does it Truly Mean to Rejoice

Why Dancing?

God Dances

Jesus Danced

A Result of Exuberant, Extreme Rejoicing

Other Results of Biblical Rejoicing


Chapter Eight: Perfected Praise....................................116

Make His Praise Glorious

Man’s Natural Definition of Perfected Praise

God’s Definition of Perfected Praise

The Setting of Perfected Praise

The Children Who Offered Perfected Praise

Perfected Praise Summarized

Comfortable Life Philosophies

God’s Greatest Commandment

The Religious Response to Perfected Praise

Perfected Praise Is Ordained Strength

The Reason God Ordained Strength through Extreme Worship

Lucifer, God’s Enemy

Lucifer’s Punishment

Mankind Is Part of Satan’s Punishment

High Praises

Hebrew Parallelism

Parallelism in Psalm 149

The Kingdom of Satan

To Execute Punishments

The Written Judgment

This Honor Have All His Saints

Concluding Thoughts


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