Vocal Techniques (A141) ; 2 Credits

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What People Have Said

          “What Shamblin teaches in his “Fundamentals of Singing” is an incredible source of information and instruction. … I learned a great deal.”

-Aimee Faulhaber, TX


This young man could only sing one out of 4 or 5 notes on pitch when he first came to Shamblin.)

          “There were lots of times I wanted to sing, but I never thought I would be able to.  When Shamblin told me that anybody could sing, it was hard to believe him at first, but with the few simple instructions he gave me, I saw that it was possible, so I was willing to put in the time.  I found out it’s not that hard to sing once you get going, and it is fun to sing once you find out you can do what you never thought you could do before.”

(-Jason Thiessen, AB


(This man had never sung before.)

          “To this day Shamblin maintains that everyone can sing and offer praise to the Lord through song.  This view gave me the opportunity to join the Bible College Choir (where Shamblin was teaching) - an experience that built my confidence immensely, and has since helped me in my ministry as a pastor.  The presence of the Lord and the gifts of the Spirit are powerfully manifested (through him).  As one who has been deeply impacted by this Christian brother, I recommend to you the ministry of Shamblin Stone.”

-Rev. Allen Pole BT, AB


(This man suffered brain damage from a motorcycle accident, and was told he would never be able to sing the correct notes.)

          “I wanted to sing greatly.  After Shamblin Stone instructed that I could with a lot of hard work and concentration, I really caught on how to sing musical pitches.”

-Albert Miller, SK


          “This is the best money I’ve ever spent!”

-a music teacher from Athabasca, AB



Shamblin Stone charges $30 per hour for private, in-person voice lessons in his in-home studio.  Tuition for this video course is $30 per video for an indivivual, and $100 for a class of four students or more.  Once you have the link to a session, you are able to watch it as many times as you like without paying more.

John Street, the first Valedictorian of the Worship College


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Fundamentals of Singing Video Course

Session One - Learning to Match Pitches (56:39)

Session One is for people who believe they may be tone deaf, or don't know how to sing the correct notes.  If you follow this simple instruction, you too will be able to sing.  IF YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SING THE CORRECT NOTES, FEEL FREE TO START WITH SESSION TWO.

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Session Two - The Voice, a Living Musical Instrument (35:18)

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Session Three - Breathing - The foundation of Quality Singing (1:08)

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Session Four - All About the Vibrator - the Vocal Cords (22:24)

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Session Five - Maximizing the Resonation Chambers (29:27)

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Session Six - Articulating Your Sound (37:57)

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These were the participants in the Vocal Techniques Course Recital in the Spring of 2004
These were the participants in the Vocal Techniques Course Recital in the Spring of 2006.