The Importance of Worshiping Together (B201) : 6 Credits

Preface“You Can’t Kill a Dead Man”

     The Biblical Worship Textbook Series

     How I Committed Suicide

     How God Talks to Man

     The Power of Music

     The Friendly People

     Music Ministry Miracles

     The Price of Miracles

     The First Power Miracle

     More Power Miracles

     Herman Hill Park Follow Up #1

     The Music Festival of Joy

     Follow up on Mike Warnke

     Herman Hill Park Follow Up #2

     The Prophetic Principle

     Approaching the End of Summer Tour 1975

     The Fulfilment of Prophesy

     Waiting for Surgery

     Watching My Surgery

     After Surgery

     You Can’t Kill a Dead Man

Chapter One “The Two Most Powerful Expressions of Worship”

     Music – a Powerful Expressions of Worship

     An Overview of Church History

     The Expressor of Our Worship

     The Exceptions to This Rule

     The Two Most Powerful Expressions of Worship

     Understanding Our Understanding

     Praying and Singing on Both Levels

     Learning to Pray With Our Spirit

     Singing With the Spirit

     Praying “In the Spirit”

     Prayer is to Individual Worship….

     …what Music is to Worshiping Together

     The Importance of Unity

     Unity with Diversity

     The Power of Music

Chapter Two “Perfected Praise”

     Secular Ideas of Perfected Praise

     Jesus’ Perfected Praise

     Ordained Strength

     What Does it Mean to Silence the Enemy?

     How Did Lucifer Become the Enemy of God?

     Lucifer’s First Punishment for These Sins

     Lucifer’s Second Punishment

     This is Our Honor

Chapter Three “The Power of Worshiping Together”

     The Conflict

     Spiritual Warfare

     The Weapons of Our Warfare

     Biblical Deliverance

     Joining Forces

     Special Exceptions

     Worship Together

Chapter Four “Two Levels of Relationships”

     The Worship Cycle

     Types of Relationships

     Human Relationships Require Chain of Command

     Relationships & Redemption

     Relationships & Covenant

     Relationships and the Ten Commandments

     Relationships and the Greatest Commandments

     These Relationships Must be Simultaneous

     Relationships with God and His Nation

     Relationships and Adoption

     Relationships & Sacrifices

     Relationships and New Testament Sacrifices


Chapter Five “The Device of Unforgiveness”

     Knowing the Enemy

     The Importance of Forgiveness

     The Unforgiving Servant

Chapter Six “Protecting Our Relationships”

     The Importance of Humility


     Being Agreed

     God Intends for Us to Search Out Truth

     Truth is a Gift from God

Chapter Seven “People Relationship Files”

     Gaining Understanding


     People Files

     Determining Motivations of Others

     The Matthew Eighteen Process

     Avoiding Offences