Portrait of a Worshiper (B102) ; 8 Credits

Table of Contents


Chapter One The Purpose of Life

The Age-Old Question

The Word of God is the Revelation of God

Jesus, the Word, is the Creator of All that exists

Creation, Not Evolution

Creations are Created for their Creator’s Pleasure

Creation Was Not Created for Itsel

How Creation Brings the Creator Pleasure

It Was Good

The Difference Between the Two Categories of Creation

The Purpose of Mankind’s Life

The Pronouncement of “tōv” Over Mankind

Chapter Two Designed & Created to Fulfill the Purpose

Overview of the Purpose of Creation

The Commandment to Be Perfect

Instinctively We Worship

Commanded to Worship

The Blue Print for Humanity

An Anthropological Controversy

The Three Parts of God and the Three Parts of Man

The Human Soul

The Law of First Mention

The Great Commandment and the Law of First Mention

Chapter Three Developing for Our Purpose

Becoming Aware of our Three Parts

The Most Important Division to Discern

Growing or Developing as a Person

Spiritual Regeneration Comes before Spiritual Development

Our Worshiper’s Anthropological Chart So Far

Chapter Four Salvation to Accomplish the Purpose

The Redemption Plan

Redeemed to Fulfill the Purpose

Insights on Eph 1:3-14

Salvation is Deliverance from the Power of Darkness

A Christian’s Spirit Has Been Delivered

A Christian’s Soul is in the Process of Being Delivered

The Spirit is Our Teacher

A Christian’s Body is Waiting to be Delivered

The Three Tenses of the Deliverance Work of Salvation

Review of Our Chart so Far

Chapter Five The Function of the Spirit in Worship

Review of Our Study on Worship

What’s Left to Learn?

The Spirit Initiates Our Worship

The Declaration of Our Worship Relationship

Another Addition to Our Anthropological Chart

When Does the Spirit Initiate Worship?

The Spirit of God is Always Initiating Worship

The Spirit of God is Always Initiating Worship

Worshipping God 24/7

Chapter Six The Function of the Body in Worship

The Spirit by Itself Can Not Worship

God Chooses Our Expressions of Worship

A Lesson on Worship

Discovering Acceptable Expressions of Worship

In Spirit

In Truth

Validating Physical Expressions of Worship

Biblical Expressions of Worship

Non-Biblical Expressions of Worship

Chapter Seven Natural & Unnatural Expressions of Worship

Review of Our Study So Far

God-Given Expressions

Comfortable and Uncomfortable Expressions of Worship

Cultural and Traditional Expressions of Worship

Worship Taboos

Responses to Unnatural Expressions of Worship

Self Preservation and Worship

Conformed to the Image of Christ

Which Comes First, Comfort or Commandment?

Progressive Worship Sacrifices

Chapter Eight The Function of the Soul in Worship part 1

The Soul is the Conductor of Our Worship

Preparing our Soul to Conduct Our Worship

How to Know and Realize God’s Will

Our Worship of God is our Service to God

A Definition of Worship

Chapter Nine The Soul in Worship part 2 – the Emotions

The Emotions are the Indicators of Our Being

Reading the Overall State of Our Being

Classroom or Writing Exercise

Two Types of Emotions

Emotions of Pleasure

Emotions of Warning

Fear, the Exception to the Rule

Resetting the Indicators

Emotions of Pleasure Can Become Emotions of Warning

Emotions Can Indicate the State of Our Soul or Our Spirit

The function of Our Emotions in Worship

An Emotional Caution Related to Worship


Chapter Ten The Soul in Worship part 3 – the Mind

Chapter Eleven The Soul in Worship part 4 – the Will

Phill Belt of Derby, Kansas