Chuck Wagner and Nancy Burgett were both members of the first graduating class

Register for Courses

1.     Fill out the on-line Registration Form by clicking on the link to the right.  Make sure all manditory fields are filled in before you click the Send button.


2.     Ask your pastor to please fill out the "Pastor's Referal Form," and submit it to us.  We cannot process your Registration until we receive the Pastor's Referal Form for you.  We suggest that you click on the link to the right to thr Pastor's Referal Form, copy the web address for this form, and send it to your pastor in an email requesting he/she to fill it out for you.  If you are not part of a church at this time, have someone who you respect, and who has spiritual input into your life fill out the form.


3.     As soon as we have received these documents, someone will be contacting you by email regarding your enrollment.  They will discuss tuition payment arrangments at that time.


Becoming a Worship College Student is just as simple as 1, 2, 3.  Welcome to the Worship College.