The Two Ways to Study at the Worship College

There are two ways to study at the Worship College.  They are ON CAMPUS and ON LINE.,

On Campus

     Classes are held in Wichita at the City Church.  Watch the website to know when classes will be offered.


     At the request of a church or ministry, Shamblin will travel to a city every week or two, and teach the courses.  Costs for travel and hospitality are the responsibility of the host church.


     An adult sundayschool class, or any other class can rent or buy the DVD's of Shamblin teaching the courses.  They are produced in 30 to 45 minute segments.  Worksheets for each chapter, as well as a final exam for each course is available for a small fee to cover printing and administrative costs.

Worship College Class in Lawrence, Kansas


> Everyone starts by taking the "Biblical Worship" course.


> The "Biblical Worship" course has eight chapters.  The student is expected to read each chapter.
> Each chapter has from one to five 30 - 45 minute videos of Shamblin Stone teaching the material.   The student is expected to watch all the videos for each chapter.
> Each chapter has a memory verse.   The student is expected to memorize the memory verse of each chapter in the Bible version of their choice.
> Each chapter has an assignment, worksheet, or test.  The student is  expected to complete the assignments for every chapter, and email them to us for grading.
> The student has four weeks to email their assignment to us for each chapter.
> If the student should score 75% or higher on their chapter assignment, they will be sent the links to the next chapter.   If the student's score is below 75%, they will be given one more week to pass that chapter's assignment with at least an 80%.   Should they not meet that goal on their second chance, they will be asked to rewatch the videos, and reread the chapter.
> When the student has finished the eight chapters, they will be sent their final exam.   The student will have three weeks to complete the final.

Carmen Soto, Worship College grad from Chicago