Shamblin Stone’s Biblical perspective on music and worship has had a powerful, Holy Spirit effect on our budding church. Before the start of FHGC, I heard about Shamblin’s School of Worship. I sought Shamblin’s council on who he might recommend we retain as a worship leader when our church started.

His suggestion: “Pray about growing your own.” That statement went from startling to life changing.

His training/worship practices, which went from weekly to by-weekly to eventually sending us out on our own, brought worship into the heart of the whole fellowship. His teachings took our church from hiring the expert to releasing the heart of worship into the whole fellowship.

I can highly recommend this school. It is a must attend for all pastors and worship leaders.



Pastor D. David McFarland

For HIS Glory Church

Pastors Tom and Jeanne Garrelts

Our Covering Pastors


City Church (AoG), Wichita, Kansas


"More than anything else, we need to feel the passion that Jesus has for us and to respond with passionate love for Him. I wholeheartedly recommend Shamblin Stone and "The Worship College" for anyone who desires to grow in their passion for Jesus. It is my special pleasure to be his pastor and to have known and worshipped with Shamblin for many years. He excells in his understanding and commitment to the Biblical principles and patterns of Godly worship. His rare and unique insight into the dynamics of God's kingdom provide him with the tools to speak with persuasion and clarity about this vitally important subject. You will be challenged, changed, and enriched through studying with "The Worship College!"



Apostle Lisa McFarland

Waring Dove International

Eagle Rock Church

Lawrence, Kansas


Pastor Shamblin traveled back and forth from Wichita to Lawrence, Kansas every other week for about three and a half years, teaching worship in our ministry preparation college.  He broadened our perspective on worship with his in-depth teaching on worship.  His book on "Biblical Worship" is required reading for all our students.  In addition to Shamblin's Bible teaching on worship, he put together a worship team for us.  Some of the particcipants had never played instruments or sang before Shamblin began working with them.  Pastor Shaamblin is a friend as well as a fellow minister who I love and respect.  I definently recommend his ministry to you.



Pastor Nick and Jana Harris

Living Waters House of Prayer


Wichita, Kansas


"I wholeheartedly recommend Shamblin and the Worship College as a primary source for Worship Training. Shamblin is a first rate teacher, as well as being highly sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit. If someone is in need for music training, voice training, worship leadership training, or just basic worship education, this is the place to get it!"



Rev. Maurice and Teen Fuller

Retired ACOP Pastor


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"Shamblin Stone is one of the foremost worship leaders in North America today. He is perhaps unique in his extensive knowledge of the scriptures on the subject. So his teaching does not include flaky ideas, as some teaching in this area does. He is solidly Bible-based. More than that, he leads worship – and teaches worship leading – with an unusual annointing of the Holy Spirit. You will get a solid, balanced and biblical background at his school, and will learn to contribute in your church with a genuine annointing."



Pastor Tim & Sandra Osiowy

Gateway Christian Ministries


Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


"Shamblin Stone worked with our ministry team for several years in Prince George BC Canada . Shamblin has demonstrated a heart for God and leads others into an intimate relationship with God through his teachings on worship. Shamblin teaches out of revelation leading into sound teaching born out of many years of musical and worship experience in different situations throughout the body of Christ. He has worked with many great leaders which has given him a well rounded experience in the field of worship. All who engage in this Worship college will grow in skill and a greater heart for worship of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ."




Gateway Christian Ministries

6081 #3 Rd

Richmond, BC


Dr. Brad Dopps DC


"It has been my privilege to know the family of Shamblin Stone for over 30 years. Shamblin comes from a family with great core values and character and led by the Holy Spirit. There simply would not be enough time to critique his gentle, kind leadership qualities, but you will agree with me after you get to know him that he is a first class leader, teacher, and strong Christian. If your interest is in music, productions, worship leadership or any facet of religion Shamblin is your man! His many years of experience have made him one of the best leaders I have known. His commitment to the Worship College is exemplary and know first hand of his successes. Take a small leap of faith and transform it into a life changing experience. It will be your best investment in your spiritual and eternal life."


Dopps Chiropractic Clinic
- 5119 E. Kellogg Dr.
- Wichita, KS 67218
- 316-685-2242