Shamblin Stone’s YOUTUBE Song of the Month Report

Shamblin Stone’s Top 6 Most viewed Songs on youtube as of November 23, 2019

(There are only four different songs in the top six recordings.)

#1      “The Light Bulb Song” (October 2014) 10,217 views

#2      “At Your Footstool” (June 2015) 1,881 views

#3     “I Plead the Blood of Jesus” (November 2014) 854 views

#4     “You and I can Make a Difference” FGBI choir (March 2016) 500 views

#5     “At Your Footstool” (July 2015) 275 views

#6     “You and I Can Make the Difference” (July 2013) 255 views

Which is your favorite?

Email us the name and version of your favorite song from this list. Please share the link to it on your social media.  Go to youtube, search for Shamblin Stone, click on the channel to watch more videos of songs written by Shamblin Stone.  Share the ones you like, and subscribe to the channel.